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Training Plans Launched

As London lies spread out under a cold crisp sky we have launched our cycling training plan for London Revolution. Our ride technical director, Andy Cook, has prepared a 16 week plan specifically designed for London Revolution riders which takes you day by day through what you can do to ensure you get to the start line in great shape. Training can be tough, but it is essential and is what will make sure you enjoy every mile of the ride.

Once you are a signed up rider, you will be sent a link to where you can download the training plan onto your computer. Training for a sportive where you ride for over 100 miles can be tough, but it is essential. Good training is what will get you to lose weight, improve your stamina and avoid any injuries. The plan contains a mix of different work outs and guidance on the best balance of when to push the training sessions, when to relax and when to cruise along with friends taking in the view and clocking up the miles.

If you are worried about whether you can complete the London Revolution, then now is the time to get in touch. The longer you have to train the easier it is and if the clear skies and excess Christmas weight still isn’t enough to get you to dust off the bike, then you can always look to Great Britain’s current World Champion for a little more inspiration…

Some useful hints:

  • Recovery is as important as the hours in the saddle
  • Make sure you warm down and stretch out if you have had a hard session
  • Stay hydrated and well fed before, during and after rides
  • If you do other sports this all helps, but you need your muscles to get used to hours in the saddle
  • Take it steady and build up to the bigger rides

The London Revolution Team

16 Responses to Training Plans Launched

  1. david

    Do you have a file that can be downloaded of the proposed route for GPS etc?

    • tupps

      Hi David,
      I’m afraid we only release the GPS routes just before the event to signed up riders. This is because of last minute route changes due to road works and any unforeseen things which haven’t surfaced yet. Are there any particular elements of the route you would like to know about?
      Hope to see you out on the ride.
      Kind Regards,

  2. Woonchee

    I only learn of your ride today, i.e. only slightly more than two weeks of the ride. So, do your 16 weeks training plan make sense to people like me?

    • Nick Tuppen

      Hi there. It should make sense, but you will need to have some good miles in your legs already or have a good base of fitness. The best thing to do is call us on 0844 888 2360 and we can chat through. Maz or Dave will be the best person to speak to.

  3. tony

    I have registered….should I not now receive an email with link to the training plan?

    • Nick Tuppen

      Hi Tony,
      As you are riding with the Mitie team we will be in touch shortly with your training plan.
      Hope you got out over the holiday and got some miles in!
      All the best,

  4. Danny O'Keeffe

    Do we know when we can expect the training plans to be released?
    I am keen to get this out amongst my team so we can arrange for group training and ensure goals are being met.

    • Nick Tuppen

      Hi Danny,
      I think Lizzie has been in touch, but these will be coming out towards the end of next week for MITIE riders.
      Look forward to seeing you soon.

  5. Tessa McInnes

    Hi there, saw your Jan 13th post. I’m signed up and a little worried that the junk filter on my personal email address may mean I miss the training plans (which I’m keen to get!). Could you please send them to the email address used to send this comment (my work email)? Best Wishes.

  6. Craig Millward

    I noted the statement that the training plans for MITIE staff would be issued last week. Any news? I know that we are all super fit at MITIE but it would be good to benchmark progress against the plan!

    • lizzie

      Hi Craig,

      Yes they have been launched already, I will give you an e-mail directly with regard to the plans and your official registration for the event.

  7. Tessa McInnes

    I’ve been signed up for a while now but have not received your training plan. can you send it to me, please?

  8. Tessa McInnes

    Note re my previous post, you may have a different email address on my entry, the one I’m using now. Either is fine as a contact to send the TP to, ta.

    • lizzie

      Hi Tessa,

      Which of the two e-mails would you like me to send the training plan to; I will ensure that it’s send to your preferred address right away! Also, I amend accordingly on your registration.


      • Tessa McInnes

        my work one (transport, Alstom) please – I am a little anxious as it’s only 8 weeks to go and I’ve not received anything. Can you send it today?
        Thank you.

        • lizzie

          Hi Tessa,

          Apologies that you had not received the training plan to your preferred e-mail. I’ve sent it across to you now.

          Happy Training


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