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Route Map for London Revolution

We’re pleased to show you a route map of where you can expect to go. It isn’t in tiny detail as we want to keep some surprises for the riders, but trust us when we say you won’t be short of some great views, landmarks and things to take your mind off sore legs.

16 Responses to Route Map for London Revolution

  1. Pat McGibbon

    Is there going to be a more detailed map, available as an export for satnavs (Garmin, etc)? These days, a lot of cyclists like to have the course programmed in as a back-up.

    • Nick Tuppen

      Morning Pat,
      We’ll be sending out detailed maps and gpx files just before the ride. We wait until the final week to ensure we have the best chance of taking account of roadworks and diversions. This will only be to signed up riders though and sent on e-mail.
      Hope you’re enjoying the sunnier weather this morning.

      • Pat McGibbon

        Thanks Nick.

        Yes, I’ve been getting out and mixing up some medium and longish rides. I”m lucky to live in the middle of the Hampshire countryside, so I’ve got loads of great training routes on my doorstep.

        Looking forward to the big weekend (especially since it’s my birthday the weekend after and I’ve been off alcohol since New Year, as a way to help prepare!)


  2. Irving

    Will there be any overnight recharging facilities? My Garmin 800 supposedly has a 16h battery life, but thats marginal for the two days and I’d hate to lose the logging for the end of the second day.

    • Maz Hedley-Lewis

      We will have charging facilities for all riders who are staying with us overnight. We do ask that your belongings are clearly marked with your name.

  3. derek

    will there be a garmin 800 compatible map published? if yes, when is it likely to happen?

    • Nick Tuppen

      Hi Darek. Due to lots of roadworks around the Olympic course we are completing the final route recce today and will be sending out the gpx files tomorrow. These will be fine to use on the Garmin 800.
      All the best,

  4. Chris

    Can you please check the Day 2 GPX files. Day 1 loads into Garmin Basecamp fine but the linked Day 2 GPX file Basecamp says is not a valid GPX file.

  5. Chris

    The file downloads just fine but still won’t work in BaseCamp. The error message is that the file is not a valid GPX file so it may be the original file that is the issue.

  6. andrew

    Day 2 tcx is okay, day one still does not work for me.

    • Nick Tuppen

      Hi Andrew, We have now put up direct links to the GPX and TCX routes on the Route downloads page you would have got the link to in your last e-mail. This has worked for nearly everyone and so please can you give that a go and if there is still a problem please give us a call.

  7. Richard


    I am having trouble with day 2 gpx file. I get the same message about it not being a valid GPX file.



    • Nick Tuppen

      Hi Richard, are you using to upload it to a Garmin? Make sure you are exporting it as a gpx rather than a tcx and it should work ok.

      • Richard

        I am just just clicking on the links, the gpx files are downloading to my desktop then I am using the import function in Garmin Connect. If it works for day 1 it should work for day 2 unless the files are different in some way?

        But if it works for others…then I’m at a loss.

        Follow the arrows!



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