Vive la Revolution!

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew / To serve your turn long after they are gone / And so hold on when there is nothing in you / Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!” Rudyard Kipling

Those words rang true in the second half of the second day of the London Revolution. Let me kill the myth once and for all, I am not a natural athlete or cyclist – just because you have friends like James Cracknell it does not mean the talent and determination transfer by osmosis – more’s the pity.

And so like many riders my legs were screaming coming up the hills of Surrey (thanks Andy). I salute all of you who probably experienced the self doubt, inner whinging and frustration that I did, but then (eventually) the course flattens out, you exchange a knowing glance with a fellow rider, 1 more pedal turn, 1 more mile, 1 more percent of self esteem.

Chatting to two sets of ladies at the finish (bathed in bass from the Mercedes Project X Vito Van) they were exhausted, emotional, caked in body salt but immensely proud of themselves. Rightly so. They had raised thousands of pounds for Dementia and Leukemia respectively. By their own admission they were not natural cyclists and so, like me, the hills at mile 57 would have posed questions that you have to search deep to answer. It’s so tempting to stop and throw the bloody bike over the hedge, but on they pedal driven by a greater force.

Thanks to all our suppliers and sponsors. The cheerful faces of Crisis, the diligent support of Argonaut on site management, the conscientious BikeWorks and Halfords teams, the wonderful Divine chocolate (ruddy delicious) and the kit from Circle Sports. Thanks to SiS (what would we have done without them?). Is it me or did we all fall in love with the smiling pit stop crews?

We’ve been over-whelmed by positive comments about the ride and overall organisation and so to my beloved team I say a humble and heartfelt thank you. Your work rates and commitment are incredible.

We have some things to improve as always and there were a handful of wazzocks (love that word) who treat these events as races, jump lights and put their own lives at risk on our watch, but overall we are happy with how it all went and it was fantastic meeting so many new faces.

And finally two petit plugs:

a) If you enjoyed London Revolution and fancy Deloitte Ride Across Britain this September do register – we have 30 or so slots left and so get in touch if you have any questions

b) To make events like Revolution successful we need like minded sponsors so if your company is interested in our work with social enterprises or wants a focus for company wellbeing or fundraising, please give me a shout and we’ll come and see you in the next few weeks. My mobile is 07767 243 387.

Thanks for trusting us with your money and lives.

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