Previous Rider Testimonials

We’ve already had three fantastic years of Dulux Trade London Revolution. To get a feel for the event and to see what it’s all about, take a look though our photo gallery below:

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Testimonial Video

Event highlights: 185 miles and 2 days compressed into 1:30 minutes

All in all, it was brilliant! If you like riding a bike, you’ll LOVE this event – Catherine Gale

I would go as far to comment it was the best organised mass participation event I have ever taken part in. WELL DONE! – Anon

It was the hardest thing I have ever done but a fantastic achievement for me, I am 46 years old and I had only cycled 55 miles before this so I am incredibly pleased with what I did – Sarah Cook

Great slickly run event. Being in London I could have been a bit prejudiced to thinking it would all be un smiling, serious, competitive folks. But the reverse was true, riders all helped each other, good team spirits, happy, smiling, polite, helpful support teams all the way around. So I was well impressed and hopefully will be back next year for the same. – Mike Reed