The Party

When we set about creating the London Revolution, we decided that the one thing we liked even more than cycling, was putting our feet up at the end of the day with good friends, good food and good drinks to spin a few yarns. So we made sure that was a key part of the Revolution experience.

Your tent, towel and shower sir!

If you are signed up for the overnight package the first thing is to get you shown to your bed for the night and then cleaned up after a day in the saddle. You will be shown where to rack your bike securely, before being reunited with your bag from the morning, collect your mattress and then shown to your own private tent. Once you’ve dropped off your bag you can grab a hot shower before changing into something a little less ‘supportive’ than your cycling gear.

A Revolution marches on it’s stomach

The next thing on your mind will most likely be to get something in you which isn’t necessarily gel based or electrolyte balanced. We will have a central dining area and bar as well as a few extra stands where you can grab your dinner straight away or have a couple of refreshing drinks in (hopefully) the sun watching the other riders come in. Dinner will be a feast with plenty of choices and size for even the largest appetites and there will be a mix of meats, vegetarian dishes, salads and pastas to fill you up before a proper pudding as well. There will also be plenty on offer from a couple of bars providing wines, local ales and cold lagers to ensure you sleep well.

Are you not entertained?

From early evening, when the bar will begin to fill up with people, we are also laying on a few choice extras to keep you entertained. We’re planning on having some live music playing for those with enough energy left in the legs to tap them along. Keep your eyes on our facebook page for other surprises.

A good night’s sleep

When the day finally catches up with you, you can totter back to your waiting tent and crash out for the night in privacy. After a 100+ miles your precious hours under canvas will fly by even if you haven’t camped before. One word of advice though is to bring some earplugs. Tired and well fed cyclists have been known to snore… and worse.

A royal breakfast and departure

Once rested, you will be summoned at dawn to clamber into fresh kit and prepare for the southern half of the Mitie London Revolution. 85 miles requires some fueling so tea, coffee and a cooked breakfast will greet you in the dining tent before you drop off your bag, find your trusty wheels again and set out on the road from Ascot at around 8am.



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