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Book your place for 2014 

If you like what you see, then grab a credit or debit card and book your place. You can choose to ride the full Mitie London Revolution or ride just one of the days if you don’t feel ready for the full challenge this year.

Mitie London Revolution incl. overnight: £169 SOLD OUT
Mitie London Revolution incl. overnight: CHARITY PLACES AVAILABLE

Mitie London Revolution excl. overnight: £89 
Mitie London North (Saturday only): £45
Mitie London South (Sunday only): £45
You can see what’s included in all the packages here

Apply for a charity overnight place with Breakthrough Breast Cancer, official charity of the Mitie London Revolution. Breakthrough Breast Cancer has a limited number of overnight places still available, to apply for an overnight place follow this link, fill out the application form and pledge to fundraise £350 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Once you are signed up you will receive a confirmation and then be on the mailing list for the event training emails, information packs and special offers.

If you aren’t quite sure yet, but keen then get in touch with via email or on 0844 8882 360 and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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