Andy Cook Cycling

When it came to planning a route which delivered scenery and safety in equal measure we went to the best there is.

Andy Cook has been a leading figure in UK cycling for many years, with a vast wealth of experience in all aspects of the industry – from high-level racing in the UK and overseas to gentle club-runs or family tours. Andy is a fully qualified cycling coach, and has worked in the fields of competitive sport and mass-participation events for British Cycling (the UK’s national body) and was chairman of CTC (the national cycling and campaigning body). Most importantly, Andy is a through-and-through cyclist, with a deep understanding of the history and tradition of the sport as well as its current rules and requirements.

We assess the risk so you can just assess the view.

Andy and his team at Andy Cook Cycling look after our route planning, but also the all important elements of risk assessment. This is critical to an event such as the Mitie London Revolution as we are riding in the South East of England which is one of the most densely populated areas of the country. However, for those who know there are lots of roads hidden away which are perfect for group riding on a summer’s day.

Training plans and kit and equipment guidance

Between them, Andy’s team have clocked many thousands of miles of cycling, and ridden almost as many bikes. They know what works and what doesn’t. If you have a question about what bike or kit you need just get in touch at and they can provide all the technical advice and guidance required to ensure that riding your bike is as enjoyable and satisfying experience as possible.

Chaperones and Guides

The Mitie London Revolution is all about getting less experienced cyclists to be able to complete something special and we have the people to lead the way, provide back-up or just give a few kind words of support. Leaders, guides, chaperones, out-riders and back-markers – a core group of trusted and experienced cyclists to guide you on the way. These guides are chosen for their passion for the sport and their ability to communicate and encourage newcomers or less experienced participants to get the most from their cycling experience. They’ll be out in force on May 16th and 17th guiding, coaching, supporting and making sure you have as much fun as possible.

For further information about Andy Cook cycling please look at their website.

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