Title Sponsor: Mitie

At Mitie, we are all about team spirit, enthusiasm and challenging ourselves to do better. That’s why are sponsoring the London Revolution – it gives us the opportunity to participate in a fun and truly challenging event, working in partnership with Threshold Sports.

As a FTSE 250 employer of over 70,000 people in the UK and Europe, we put people firmly at the heart of what we do, and recognise the value of health promotion to help mitigate both the human and business cost of ill-health. The Mitie London Revolution forms part of our wider commitment to health and wellbeing in the workplace. We want to engage our people and as part of this campaign we will provide resources and incentives for people to think more about their individual physical and mental health.

What’s more, the London Revolution gives us a chance to connect with social enterprises to create positive change through sport. Sustainability has always been at the core of what we do and by participating in the Mitie London Revolution we can reinforce our commitment to the communities in which we work.






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