Dulux Trade London Revolution – The UK’s biggest multi-day cycling event

The ideal way to explore London’s most scenic and iconic landscapes. At Threshold Sports we are all about getting more people exercising and making the most of the great British outdoors. In the last 10 years there has been a huge explosion in cycling with more and more people swapping from four wheels to two.

Where will this cycling event travel through?

London is one of the world’s greatest cities and more and more people are exploring it on their bike. What many people don’t realise, however, is the quality of the cycling within a short distance of the capital. We set out to devise a route which celebrates both the rural and urban landmarks around the city. We take participants on a tour of historical, natural, industrial, royal, sporting and architectural landmarks all stitched together with beautiful stretches of riding in between. The route is challenging but it is within range of the committed cyclist willing to follow the training plans we provide. You can find more information about the route here.

The Dulux Trade London Revolution is all about inclusivity

Another key thing for us was that we didn’t want this to be just another sportive. We wanted to take the best elements of the world’s top one-day cycling events such as flawless timing, signage, pit stops, safety and above all an exceptional route, but make this a two day event that united people. This meant two days on the road with an overnight stop for everyone to get to know one another after they removed their sunglasses and helmets. Cycling is as much about community as competition and although we cater for the leg shaving racers, it is more about celebrating together. Along with the route, the overnight basecamp is at the heart of the Dulux Trade London Revolution experience and you can find more about what is involved here.

The future…

London is just the beginning. Sportive rides are popping up all over the country, but the majority of people who are new to cycling still find them intimidating. We want the Dulux Trade London Revolution to become an annual focus for cyclists in the capital and to then expand further afield. City cycling is fundamental to a happier, healthier population and by uniting cyclists in key cities we can embed a greater awareness of cycling in all its forms and make the UK an increasingly cycle friendly place.


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