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Register with Pic2Go through your Facebook account

Are you a rider looking to sign up for Pic2Go on Dulux London Revolution?

Keep memories of your achievement forever! Follow the step by step guide below to sign up:

1. Find out your bib number by clicking here.
2. Enter your participant number in the box to the right
3. Follow the instructions to install the app on Facebook

Don’t have Facebook?

  • You can sign up just to get your photos and then delete your account.
  • Or get a close friend or family to sign up to Pic2Go for you. Register your participant number with their account details.
  • Worried about privacy? When you log in with Facebook for the Pic2Go app, click the drop-down on the privacy details of the photo album and click the ‘only me’ option. Then you are the only ones who can see these photos and you can choose if you want to share them.