Do I have what it takes?

If Sidley London Revolution is your first outing into the exciting world of Cycle Sportives and you’re not sure if it’s for you, please don’t worry. Firstly, it’s completely natural to feel like this. Most people are a little unsure at the beginning. And secondly, we’ve got you covered every pedal stroke of the way! We offer the ultimate support before and during the event to ensure you have the best experience across the weekend.


I’ve only ever done one-day rides, what do I need to know for a weekend cycle?

The exciting news, you are in for a treat! The atmosphere you will experience at Sidley London Revolution is second-to-none… and you will get to soak it up for two whole days! For those who signup, we offer a comprehensive training plan which provides step-by-step advice on how to approach a multi-day ride. You’ll be up to speed in no time!

I’m no mechanic, what happens if I have a bike issue out on route?!

As a minimum requirement, you will need to carry your own puncture repair kit and be able to fix a puncture, though other riders will always offer to help if it looks like you are struggling. For more serious bike issues, we have roaming mechanics who can be dispatched to deal with any problems you encounter. We also have four pitstops and a Basecamp on the route, each has a team of highly experienced mechanics to deal with all your bike-related needs.

I am looking for a tougher challenge…

Then the ULTRA could well be for you! It will test you to the max. Covering a staggering 157 miles in one day, it will test you both mentally and physically. Prepare yourself for one unforgettable day and a lifetime’s worth of memories.